Welcome to this carefree and joyful garden!

Rustic, Whimsical and Unruly

Jardin remarquable

Welcome to this vibrant and joyful garden! You are invited to meander at your leisure between the stone trees, to doze off on the shaded benches, or to get close to the water ponds which punctuate your walk or even share some hibiscus tea in a lively chat with friends.

The gardeners, Agnes and Nicholas will be happy to welcome you and introduce you to the history of their garden, one that never ceases to change through time and space.
However, beware, you may get swept off your feet by their passion, as they love to pass on their joy of being in the garden.


Naturalist inspired, this cevenol garden has been imagined as a timeless retreat to share the earthly delights of being in a garden.

It is also a country garden which resembles its owners:

Agnes, a self-taught gardener, who grew up in the Cevennes mountains surrounded by garden lands, and whose grand-mother, also a native of the Cevennes, gave a taste for the love of the tribe, for sea festivals and “cooking and gardening with whatever you have at hand!”

Nicholas, a roller of stones who grew-up in England, Germany and Switzerland, has a particular sensibility for stones and fossils, which he also inherited from his grand-father.

The creation of the garden became a shared endeavor, a successful marriage of vegetal and mineral, where numerous terraces and “calades” hold the earth, where ponds collect water, and where many personal tributes to folk art can be enjoyed.

This garden is the fulfillment of their dreams, shaped by their own hands, and just like a child, it is happy to grow.


The garden is born.


The garden opens to the public.


It is awarded the JR label, for the quality of the garden maintenance, its management and welcome of the public.
Renewable every five years.

Jardin remarquable


Signatory of the European Sustainable Tourism Charter in protected Natural environments.

Cevennes National’s Park


The Jardin des Sambucs is voted “favorite of the year” by the Association of garden journalists.

AJJM mention coup-de-coeur


Winner of the contest « a different kind of tourism is invented here» organized by the IPAMAC Association.

ipamac presentation (fr)


The garden receives the Esprit park national label, « a label inspired by nature ».

The Creations

The garden stands out by its uniqueness, “a touch baroque”; it is gardened and build with poetry and humor.

The notions of beauty and gardening rules are abandoned to stimulate a fresh look of the garden.
Visitors are in for some surprises, like the stone path that leads to the garden of Venus.
And what is this plant? Further away, the stone trees also invite wonder and questions.
This corner hides « la mar ô prins chârmen ». Oh! And what kind of insect is this?
A wooden shack is waiting for the little ones where they can scratch, build, stack, discover, and rejoice in play.
In the shade of the linden tree, comfortable chairs invite young and old to linger at the garden library,
where curiosities are waiting and where you can enjoy writing and drawing in hidden nooks.
This is a no fuss garden where the locals from neighboring valleys enjoy getting together.

The garden's blog

The garden’s blog is only available in french. Please go to the french site version to know more (at the page bottom).

Chez MLOU les 2 chambre d'hôtes sont ouvertes : 06 33 30 38 91.
en JUIN Le jardin et le croq'jardin sont ouverts les mardis, jeudis, samedi et dimanche.
Pour réserver: 0652707855
Bed and breakfast chez MLou: 06 33 30 38 91.
In june the garden and the croq' jardin are open tuesdays, thursdays, saturdays, sundays.
Booking: 0652707855